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New Lifestyle Goals

I am not going to say much right now about what I am doing.  some of you may  know some will find out.  I dont want to talk about it and Jinx it.  But we will just say I am undergoing improvement.  The following is a list of goals for my future.  I will update the goals as I make progress, once I complete them I will share a story of the improvements.


  • No Longer Be Considered Morbidly Obese (287lbs.  BMI <40)
  • Have Less Then 100 Lbs To Loose <268LBS
  • No longer Be Considered Obese (221LBS  BMI <30)
  • Have Less Then 50 Lbs To loose <218LBS
  • No Longer Be Considered Overweight (187 Lbs BMI  <25)
  • Reach My Goal Healthy Target Weight of 168 Lbs
  • Be able to Kayak
  • Sit in a chair without worrying about it breaking
  • Not exceed the weight on normal ladders
  • Wear Size 38 or Smaller Pants
  • Fit into 2X
  • Fit into 1X
  • Buy clothes at a normal persons store
  • Be able to run instead of walk
  • No longer have fat pouch in my pants.
  • Have Shoes last longer than 3 months.
  • Have a distinguishable waistline
  • Be able to do normal pushups
  • Be able to do crunches
  • Be Able to Touch toes
  • Get off Blood Pressure medication. (Update Dosage Reduced 75%)
  • Shave my beard because I no longer have Multiple Chins
  • Stop having strange Chest pains and heart palpitations
  • Have the neck pain stop
  • Be Under 300 By December 20 2017
  • Loose 100 from My weight of 420 back in 2015 (Currently down 122)
  • Loose 100 since starting this Life Change (Currently down 83)
  • Loose 50 Lbs Since starting this life change (Currently Down 83) 
  • Feel Comfortable enough to take my shirt off swimming
  • Be able to walk more that ¼ mile without getting winded ( Now walking 5 mi a day)