I am not going to say much right now about what I am doing.  some of you may  know some will find out.  I dont want to talk about it and Jinx it.  But we will just say I am undergoing improvement.  The following is a list of goals for my future.  I will update the goals as I make progress, once I complete them I will share a story of the improvements.


  • No Longer Be Considered Morbidly Obese (287lbs.  BMI <40)
  • Have Less Then 100 Lbs To Loose <268LBS
  • No longer Be Considered Obese (221LBS  BMI <30)
  • Have Less Then 50 Lbs To loose <218LBS
  • No Longer Be Considered Overweight (187 Lbs BMI  <25)
  • Reach My Goal Healthy Target Weight of 168 Lbs
  • Be able to Kayak
  • Sit in a chair without worrying about it breaking
  • Not exceed the weight on normal ladders
  • Wear Size 38 or Smaller Pants
  • Fit into 2X
  • Fit into 1X
  • Buy clothes at a normal persons store
  • Be able to run instead of walk
  • No longer have fat pouch in my pants.
  • Have Shoes last longer than 3 months.
  • Have a distinguishable waistline
  • Be able to do normal pushups
  • Be able to do crunches
  • Be Able to Touch toes
  • Get off Blood Pressure medication. (Update Dosage Reduced 75%)
  • Shave my beard because I no longer have Multiple Chins
  • Stop having strange Chest pains and heart palpitations
  • Have the neck pain stop
  • Be Under 300 By December 20 2017
  • Loose 100 from My weight of 420 back in 2015 (Currently down 122)
  • Loose 100 since starting this Life Change (Currently down 83)
  • Loose 50 Lbs Since starting this life change (Currently Down 83) 
  • Feel Comfortable enough to take my shirt off swimming
  • Be able to walk more that ¼ mile without getting winded ( Now walking 5 mi a day)

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  1. ReplyMark
    I enjoyed reading you blog. I am you father's cousin, Mark. I still keep in contact with your aunt, Paula Vicky. Ask your father about the time we were playing with matches and set the back fence of his home on fire in the 1950's . I remember you as a baby, and, lost contact with your father and mother, in the early 1980's. There are many stories regarding Paul's (Rocky's) parents. I do understand that your father moved away, to reduce contact with his mother. I would probably have done the same, if I had been in similar circumstances, but, Paul unfortunately then deprived you of contact with the rest of your family on his side. I just had lunch with Shelly, your father's cousin from Denver. If you are at all interested in what has become of the rest of your family on your father's side, send me an email.